Battle system

To battle you use strike, dodge, weapons, armor, health and dice.

you start out with 10 points to use on stats, 1 point gives you 1 dodge, 1 strike or 3 HP which you place in different limbs. You start out with ten health in the head, 5 in the arms and legs and 4 in the head(making certain exceptions for certain races and classes).

when you buy a weapon (using gold) it gives you strike(for example a sword equals 5 strike) and you then roll 2 6-sided-dice + the amount of strike you get. Dodge is gotten through points(making exceptions for certain races and classes) and you roll the 2 6-sided-dice + the dodge you have. The higher number wins and you then roll for location(ex.snake eyes and box cars = head shot) you then deal damage witch depends on the weapon(ex.sword does 5 damage)

In battle when you hit you then roll two six sided die for location: 2 and 12 are in the head, 3 is in the left leg, 11 is in the right, 6,7 and 8 are in in the torso, 4 and 9 are in the right arm and 5 and 10 are in the left arm

Armor(bought with gold) gives you HP (ex.a leather arm armor gives you + 3 HP in the arm). Other types of armor can block a certain number of attacks before you must repair it(like a shield except it is for one body part and you do not use up one limb to hold it).

Certain weapons take up more than 1 hand(ex. two-handed sword does more damage than a normal sword but takes up 2 hands instead of 1), you can only use two weapons at a time (while you can hold more than 1 weapon in your inventory in battle you can only use a maximum of two weapons per turn)

sometimes you are too far away to fight melee so you have to use ranged weapons(for example a bow)and must take a turn to reload your melee weapon or take a step forward(some times you must take several steps to get to your target).

If you buy a kicking knife, you can use it for 1 attack once per turn and deal 1 extra damage

Battle system

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