Paper Knights

Gladiators chapter 2 (by Narso)

A strange encounter

When Sorcer came uo to me and told me that we were leaving for the tournament the first thought that came in to my mind was a monkey doing a back-flip. We left on our journey to find the other gladiators. But right when we were going to leave a strange man wearing a funny hat came out of nowhere and grabbed my sac of gold, before he could run off Sorcer stopped him dead in his tracks(literally) and his head went flying to the ground with a big splat noise! After examening the body me and Sorcer found out that he was the town robber Rob!!! We looted him thouroghly and went on our merry way.

On the travels to the next town Sorcer thought that someone or something was following us, but whenever we looked behind our back ther was nothing wrong. I guess we’ll just have to keep trudging on withought paste!!!



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