Paper Knights

Gladiators chapter 4 (Brigid)
Tournament Preliminary's

We finally arrived at the tournament, knife in hand i prepared for the preliminary rounds. I lokked around and many different warriors from across the land, maybe even a couple from the undead plane… No matter, all of them will be defeated by the team i got together, myself, myself and myself, all extremely deadly warriors. when arriving at the prelims., something caught my eye, it seemed to be the blundering duo themselves(Narso and Sorcer).

After i signed in the man at the front told me to go straight to the arena and wait. Inside the arena i found that they were still there, i decided that even if they came, they probably woudn’t screw me up that bad, plus there’s no way they could even survive this crowd of gladiators.

Before the battle began a speaker blared and started saying the rule
“To win the tournament, the last eight gladiators standing in the arena will be victorious, to be disqualified you must be either knocked out of the arena or dead. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!!”
The crowd cheered and a bell rang, in the first five minutes, i had already slit the throat’s of 7 warrior’s, nobody could touch me, but then it happened… Narso and Sorcer were destroying the competition with their team combo, the only reason i’ll let them live is because i know they can’t beat me.

When the fight was over, there were many dead, some kicked out the arena and eight of us left. With the two idiot’s taking part, i wuold have to brace myself for the coming battles…

Gladiators chapter 2 (by Narso)
A strange encounter

When Sorcer came uo to me and told me that we were leaving for the tournament the first thought that came in to my mind was a monkey doing a back-flip. We left on our journey to find the other gladiators. But right when we were going to leave a strange man wearing a funny hat came out of nowhere and grabbed my sac of gold, before he could run off Sorcer stopped him dead in his tracks(literally) and his head went flying to the ground with a big splat noise! After examening the body me and Sorcer found out that he was the town robber Rob!!! We looted him thouroghly and went on our merry way.

On the travels to the next town Sorcer thought that someone or something was following us, but whenever we looked behind our back ther was nothing wrong. I guess we’ll just have to keep trudging on withought paste!!!

Gladiators chapter 1 (by Sorcer)
The beginning of the... well, beginning

It was a warm sunny day, the little children were out playing, the birds whistled in the breeze. Something wasn’t right, the children would always fight in this town, there were no birds other than crows and it was always a gloomy day. Sorcer marchd up to the mayor’s house to adress this situation, when he entered he saw the mayor hard at work with his mayorly duties( I bet next Narso is going to be a genius) and stabbed his sword right dab in the middle of his desk. The mayor startled by this started to speak. “Mr. Sorcer, what buiseness have you here?” “I am here to alert you that this place is off, everything is happy and sunshiny and so on.” “Mr. Sorcer, this is a good change, not a bad one, relax and take a mint.” Startled by this mockery of mints Sorcer ran off to change things back to the way they were. He ran up to Narso who was happily counting his toes, and told him that it was time to cause havoc, but before they could start destroying stuff the mayor came out and said “Excuse me but shoudn’t you two be out heading for the tournament of champions preliminaries instead of causing trouble, that is why we are so peaceful, because all those nuisance causing warriors are gone!!!” Sorcer was confused, he did not know of this tournament, why did Bridgit not tell him. “Well,(said sorcer) i guess we should be off then”. And Sorcer and Narso went on their merry way.

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